Communication Studies

In brief

The in-depth study of communication is a necessity of our time. Its expansion is driven both by the desire to investigate and explain intrinsically interesting phenomena, and by tangible social needs. With an open approach to global academic dynamics and a focus on local developments, the doctoral program in communication sciences provides a framework for maturing the research, understanding and action skills of young researchers.

Who are we addressing to?

The program is open to candidates who demonstrate a passion for scientific research in this area of ​​knowledge. We demand rigor, hard work and integrity from our PhD students, and we will look for signs of these qualities during the admissions process.


Once admitted, you are expected to do research both independently and in the laboratories of the Communication Research Center or in the context of research projects.

Topics of interest

You may draw up a research proposal independently, but this must be accepted by a coordinator. Doctoral studies basically require an effort guided by an experienced professor. Therefore, it is recommended that you see the topics suggested by the coordinators in advance.

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