Public administration

Centre for Public Law and Administrative Science (Centrul de Drept Public şi Ştiinţe Administrative, C.D.P.S.A.)

C.D.P.S.A. was organized and operates based on the Decision of the Rector of SNSPA no. 11/05.02.2008, issued according to the SNSPA Senate Decision of February 4, 2008, being a research centre at the university level.
C.D.P.S.A. aims to organize research, development, consulting and expertise in the field of public law and administrative sciences.
In 12 years of activity, the Centre has carried out numerous research and dissemination projects funded by CNCSIS, ANCS, and CNFIS. It has supported the development of doctoral research programs in the field of administrative sciences for about 30 PhD students who have completed and defended their theses and guidance of postdoctoral researchers in Administrative Sciences. Also, with the support of the Centre, 15 papers were produced and published in volume and over 10 prestigious scientific events were organized.


Academic Journal of Law and Governance (AJLG)

The Academic Journal of Law and Governance (AJLG) disseminates, at the European and international level, the efforts made by Romanian researchers and their European counterparts in investigating the evolution of public law and administrative sciences, with a focus on the European continent. AJLG is the official scientific journal of the Academic Society of Administrative Sciences, also representing the result of the collaboration with the Centre for Public Law and Administrative Sciences within SNSPA. The magazine has been published continuously since 2013, the frequency of publication being an annual issue, to which special issues are added. The magazine has an open access regime and is accessible on the dedicated website, the materials being published in English. The journal is indexed in international databases, such as HeinOnline, CEEOL, SSRN. The journal is also indexed by WorldCat and registered with the Library of Congress – East-Central European Section.



The Centre for Research in Communication (Centrul de Cercetare în Comunicare, CCC) is an institution affiliated with the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations (FCPR) of SNSPA. The Centre’s mission is to help develop a rigorous and sustained research activity in communication sciences and related disciplines. An important goal of the Centre is to create an international academic network that connects researchers and institutions from around the world. The Communication Research Centre coordinates the activity of the research laboratories in FCPR CCC is also the main organizer of several international conferences and workshops.


The Centre for EU Communication Studies (CECS) within SNSPA is the institutional umbrella of the first academic cluster in Romania dedicated to public communication in a European context. Initiated by professors of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA) within the project “Euroentrepreneurship – university qualifications for the Europeanization of Romanian society", CECS enjoys the involvement of many Romanian and foreign researchers with scientific interests related to the communication policy of the European Union, EU affairs, governance, Europeanization processes, etc.
CECS is intended to be an international platform for scientific exploration and communication in the European context – a topic that is under-researched and debated, despite its strategic stakes in addressing what experts call the EU’s crisis of legitimacy and leadership.

The Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations (Revista Română de Comunicare şi Relaţii Publice, RRCRP) is an interdisciplinary academic periodical that publishes scientific articles in the field of media and communication studies, as well as research in the field of public relations or related fields. The magazine is published under the auspices of the Communication Research Centre of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations. The frequency is three numbers per year (plus special numbers). The magazine contains sections dedicated to research articles, reviews, interviews and information for authors. Published materials are written in English and can be read free of charge on the journal’s website. The journal is indexed in the following international databases: Web of Science ESCI, Scopus, EBSCO, ProQuest, DOAJ, CEEOL, CNKI, ERIH Plus, Copernicus Index, ROAD, Cabell’s, Genamics Journal Seek.



The Management Research Centre (Centrul de Cercetare în Management, CCM) – led by prof. Univ. Dr. habil. Mădălina Vătămănescu ( The CCM focuses on current issues translated into high-quality conceptual and empirical analyses, promoted through internationally renowned scientific publications and conferences, and the organization of thematic academic events. Its mission is to support, develop and integrate elite research in all educational, academic and scientific activities. The subsumed goal of CCM is to create an interdisciplinary building through which researchers around the world can share their passion and dedication to knowledge and innovation.

Centre for the Study of Responsible Organizations (Centrul pentru Studiul Organizațiilor Responsabile, COSR) – led by Assoc. Dr. Alexandra Zbuchea ( COSR aims to promote sustainable practices in both the private and public spheres, both in pro-profit and non-profit organizations. This goal is achieved by connecting academia with sustainable organizations, studying and promoting responsible practices, promoting social innovation in organizations, providing resources on responsible practices in contemporary society, understanding consumers and citizens and simulating responsible behaviour on their part. The centre acts as a scientific hub for meeting stakeholders interested in the sustainable development of society, who want to be part of a sustainable economic ecosystem.

Leadership and Innovation Center (Centrul de Leadership și Inovare, CLI) – led by Dr. Ioana Petrescu (

CLI aims to contribute to the development and promotion of quality leadership in both the private and public spheres, to the promotion of innovation activities inside and outside the SNSPA. CLI aims to raise awareness of the importance of leadership and innovation in society, to provide expertise to academia, relevant social, economic and political actors, to develop and implement research projects, on its own or in partnership, and not lastly, to attract national and international funds in order to carry out the undertaken projects. To achieve these goals, CLI organizes debates with students and public figures, seminars, events and conferences on topics related to leadership and innovation, conducts analyses and prepares reports together with private partners.

Starting in 2013, the Faculty of Management within SNSPA publishes its academic journal: Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy (MDKE – It is indexed in over 15 recognized international databases (AcademicKeys, BASE, Cabell’s, CEEOL, DOAJ, EBSCO, EconLit, ERIH Plus, GIF, Index Copernicus, NewJour, ProQuest, Road, RePEc – EconPapers, Ulrich’s).

Political Sciences

Perspective Politice (Political Perspectives) is a BDI magazine founded in 2006 by Andrei Țăranu and Virginia Mircea to promote the Romanian Political Sciences. In 2008 Political Perspectives was donated to the Faculty of Political Science within SNSPA, thus broadening its epistemological horizon. The magazine is addressed to all those interested in political theory and science, in the theoretical approach to the social, political, economic and administrative reality in Romania, in particular, but also in Europe and internationally in general. Political Perspectives is open to any methodological approach to the political and social reality without assuming a specific ideological current. Thus, over time, very diverse articles have appeared in Political Perspectives as political orientation and approach. Unique articles and interviews with people of great intellectual importance have also been published – the last interview of Tony Judt published during his lifetime was in Political Perspectives.
Since its inception, Political Perspectives wanted to respond to an acute academic need: that doctoral students and researchers in Romania can also publish in Romanian the articles or papers they have worked on. Of course, Political Perspectives – as seen in the Board of Trustees – is multilingual: it has published articles in Romanian, English and French. Lately, however, it publishes articles only in Romanian and English and is proud to have appeared constantly, biannually, in the twelve years of institutional existence within SNSPA.
At this moment the site is under reconstruction. The databases in which the journal is included are CEEOL, EBSCO, GESIS, Ulrichs and Index Copernicus.

The National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA) organizes a competition for admission to postdoctoral studies.
The admission competition takes place in two stages: evaluation of the candidates’ files and interview.
The selection of candidates will be made by the commissions organized for each doctoral field/subdomain within SNSPA: political sciences, administrative sciences, communication sciences, sociology, and management. The interview will take place in front of the selection committee of postdoctoral researchers, both in Romanian and English.

Calendar of admission to postdoctoral studies, within IOSUD-SNSPA:

October 1, 2020 – Announcement of the admission contest
6-12 October 2020, 09:00 – Registration of candidates, by sending the file, in electronic format to the email address:
October 12, 2020 – Display of eligible candidates, following the analysis of the files by the admission commission
October 12, 2020, 10 am – Admission Contest (Interview)
October 13, 2020 – Display of results
October 14, 2020 – Postdoctoral registration

Candidates who meet the following minimum criteria can enter the competition:
– they obtained the scientific title of doctor at most 5 (five) years before admission in the postdoctoral research program; the doctoral degree must have been obtained in one of the fields of the SNSPA doctoral programs or a related/related field;
– have published at least one article in a scientific journal indexed in at least two international databases and/or ISI listed (according to the doctoral field/subdomain), the criterion is considered fulfilled in the case of volumes published as co-author/co-editor;
– have attended at least one national or international conference.

Regulations for the selection and enrolment of researchers at the SNSPA postdoctoral school can be found here.

The file of the candidate for the postdoctoral research program will be sent to the email address and will include the following documents:
Registration form, in the format established in Annex 1 of the Selection Regulations;
Copy of the doctor’s degree or the order of the Ministry of the National Education (MEN) regarding the granting of the doctor’s degree, for the registration file;
Copy of the proof of equivalence of the doctoral degree by the MEN, if the doctoral degree is obtained abroad;
Curriculum vitae in EuroPass format, accompanied by the list of published/presented works;
Copy according to the original of the birth certificate;
Copy according to the original of the marriage certificate or other change of name (if applicable);
A letter of recommendation from a coordinating doctoral professor within SNSPA, in the doctoral field/subdomain for which he/she is applying, a professor who assumes the candidate’s mentorship in case the latter obtains a position of a postdoctoral researcher;
Copy of a paper published by the candidate (as an author and/or co-author) in scientific journals indexed in at least two international and/or ISI-listed databases;
The individual postdoctoral research project, in the format set out in Annex 2 to this Regulation;
Declaration on own responsibility regarding the understanding of the contractual obligations that will be imposed on postdoctoral researchers in case they will be admitted, in the format established in Annex 3 to this Regulation.