Research Proposal

Guide for the elaboration of the admission project of doctoral research

The document is addressed to the candidates for the entrance exam to the Doctoral School and contains information regarding the structure, content, editing rules and evaluation criteria of the proposal.
The drafting of the doctoral research project proposal must strictly follow these rules, in terms of formatting, structure and length (number of words).

General recommendations:
• The text will be written in romanian, unless the guide specifies the translation in english.
• For doctoral students who wish to complete their doctoral program in english (which means making research reports, presenting them and writing the thesis in english), the text of the project will be written entirely in english.
• The first page will be reserved for the title (see the model in the guide).
• The second page will be reserved for the table of contents. Next to the title of each chapter, in square brackets, the number of words in the text will be included (see the model in the guide).
• The following pages will contain the presentation, structured according to the requirements of this guide.
• The text will be drafted in strict accordance with the recommendations in the APA publication manual (American Psychology Association), latest edition.
• Systematic violation of the APA style leads to non-acceptance of the document and / or project downgrading.
• The document may contain text, images and / or graphics.
• The maximum number of words specified in the guide may be slightly exceeded (only if it is absolute necessary), but the minimum limits will be strictly respected. A proposal that contains less than the minimum required words will not be accepted.

Detailed recommendations:

See detailed structure